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AEIFOROS Metal Processing SA was established in 2001 by SIDENOR GROUP in order to propose sustainable alternatives for the recycling of the by-products produced by the Group companies.  Since then, AEIFOROS SA and its subsidiary AEIFOROS BULGARIA SA have recycled millions of tons of industrial by-products in Greece and Bulgaria. Thanks to AEIFOROS SA, those by-products were not landfilled but returned to the economic cycle through the production of valuable materials, contributing to the protection of the environment and to sustainable development.

In Greece AEIFOROS SA operates 2 plants, one in Almyros, the second in Thessaloniki.

Production facility located in Almyros, Central Greece

The facility comprises a large number of production lines for the processing of the industrial by-products delivered by SOVEL SA and local steel processing industries belonging to the Group, but also by other industries of the area.

The main activities of the plant are the production of manufactured hard aggregates from Electric Arc Furnace slag, the recovery of ferrous and non-ferrous metals for recycling, and the production of various secondary raw materials for the local industry. 

The company operates its own port facility for the loading of materials in bulk and economically delivers hard aggregates for the road construction to any public works site in Greece.  

Production facility located in Thessaloniki, Northern Greece:

In Thessaloniki AEIFOROS SA is located within SIDENOR steel manufacturing premises. As in Almyros, the production of manufactured aggregates for construction and road projects in Northern Greece, the recovery of ferrous and non-ferrous metals for recycling, and the production of secondary raw materials for the local industry are the main activities of the branch.

AEIFOROS SA also operates an End-of-Life Vehicle (ELV)  dismantling and recycling unit under the supervision of the Greek Authority for ELV recycling, where cars and small trucks are depolluted. The company undertakes all procedures with the Greek competent authorities for the de-registration of the cars on behalf of the owner and ensures optimal recycling in the most environmental-friendly manner. 

In 2012 the company completed an innovative investment program for the recycling of shredder residues, aiming at the recovery of metals and the production of alternative fuel of high calorific value. In Greece, this unique facility is the only available solution for the recycling of shredder residues which are produced in large quantities but banned from landfills.  

AEIFOROS S.A. applies Quality Management System according to ISO 9001:2008, as well as Environmental Management System according to ISO 14001:2004, both certified by TÜV AUSTRIA HELLAS. The company has also received 3 awards in Greece for its commitment in environmental protection and high quality standards of its products.

The main products of the company are:

  • Slag aggregates for road pavement construction certified according to CE13043
  • Sand (without filler) for industrial floors, cement products (concrete tiles, paving blocks), biological sewage treatment plants, sandblasting. 
  • Fine sand with low specific weight and hydraulic binders
  • Raw material for plasters, mortars and coatings
  • Mill scale for the cement industry and other uses
  • Non-ferrous metals (Aluminium, Copper, bronze, etc.) from car and home appliances recycling
  • Alternative fuels from the recycling of shredder residues 

AEIFOROS SA is licensed for hazardous waste management by the Greek 

Ministry of Environment and can fulfill any procedure such as waste identification, packing, labeling, loading and transportation of the waste, or export licensing for the shipment of waste which cannot be recycled in Greece.