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The Macedonian Paper Company MEL S.A., was founded in 1968 and its production facilities occupy an area of 380.000m2, adjacent to the crucial node of international roads Istanbul, Igoumenitsa, Athens, Belgrade, just 22 km from the Centre of Thessaloniki. In the remaining, approximately 620 acres that were originally owned by the company, was launched in 2008, the first private industrial park, by the GEK TERNA group-, which is ready to offer modern facilities and attentive operational services.

MEL S.A., respecting both consumers and the processor-printer, produces high quality products from renewable material, most of which is utilized in the packaging. The brand names of MEL products are beneath the umbrella of international standards GD and GT, and are certified for food contact compatibility.
The company having now completed the first three cycles of structural investment, with a turnover which, the last five years, exceeds the amount of 47 million €, producing 100.000 tons of cardboard per year. Sales reach the amount of 100.000 tons per year, 45% of which exports mainly to EU countries (90%).
110.000 tons of scrap paper consumed annually by the company, represents 30% of recycled paper collected in Greece.

Having high-graded staffing and a total of 220 employees, today MEL S.A. is the leading paperboard plant in Greece, not just in quantitative but also qualitative level.

Achieving quality paperboard is based on mechanical equipment but also the expertise and "critical" eye of paperboard makers and controlled by specialized scientific personnel in Chemical Labs. So the company, which is a school board production in Greece, the quality is more than a fact. It is its whole philosophy.