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«V.K.C. S.A. » started its operations in the field of waste management sector in early 2015, having as a core business the trading of recyclates, paper products (cardboard packaging), bailing wire and alternative fuels such as R.D.F
«V.K.C. S.A. » operates in integrated management and recycling of non-hazardous solid wastes possessing all required licenses defined by Greek Legislation. Having a wide-ranging network of partners is able to collect and distribute recyclates (paper, plastic, aluminum, wood, glass, Tetra Pak etc) to certified end-recipients / recyclers in Greece and overseas respectively.
Additional business units, on which company is engaged, are trading of readymade products related or not with recycling business.
Since 2016, operates – in industrial zone at Mantra Attica - modern, fully licensed facilities for the collection, sorting, processing and disposal of recyclable materials such as paper, plastic, metals and Tetrapak. Moreover, it manage recyclates from licensed Materials Recovery Facilities (MRFs) – for further processing and sorting - that shipped to licensed facilities either in Greece or overseas.
Company entered dynamically in the recyclable materials market, creating a strong network of associates by signing exclusive contracts with suppliers and customers. Relying on the long term experience of its executives, has the ability to collect, process, refine, store and dispose of all products in licensed facilities/final recipients. Printing units, publishing companies, press distribution agencies, super-markets represent some of «V.K.C. S.A. » long list suppliers.
In the field of alternative energy, «V.K.C. S.A. » through its subsidiary «V.K.C. Energy» is proceeding fast in the field of bioenergy and biofuels through the construction and operation of biogas plants up to 1MW of power.
«V.K.C. S.A. », as a company with innovative and pioneering ideas in the industry of waste management is linked on an inseparable way to society in which operates, as recognizes its responsibility towards society and the environment, respecting always the principles and values that characterize our culture.
Contribution of «V.K.C. S.A. » to society is lingering from its first steps, albeit discreet, with social, environmental and research programs (tree-planting, sponsorship, seminars) as well as actions relating to the human-centered and fair political management of the human resources that surround it, preserving with hygiene and safety rules.